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clownessa | street performer | juggler | tap dancer

Milano Clown Festival 2020
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After the collaboration with different companies, since 2013 she has been working on a solo show "SwinAt" on a solo show "SwinAt" and in the 2016 born "Boero" : a sparkling and enthralling clown show, presented in various festivals, events and squares around the world.

In the cabaret she presents her performence "Hether", an eccentric clown character grappling with the manipulation of hats, participating in cabarets around the world.

In 2019 she creates a new show "Hit my Heart", a poetic and a little romantic clown show ... She present her show in Europa and Asia.

It also creates a new performance "Gaia Ma Orkestra".

Also in 2019 she founded the theatrical project "Cabaret Clownesse" together with 6 other women.

In 2020 his show "Hit My Heart!" he is the winner of the Audience Award at the Milano Clown Festival.


Currently working on a new theatrical project "Déjà-vu" together with Jessica Da Rodda are the Duo jeNga, under the external eye of Andrè Casaca, and the artistic direction of Antonio Villella, currently, the show will debut in 2022.

Gaia Matulli, aka Gaia Ma, a multi-disciplinary artist, after years devoted to painting, in 2009 discovered the world of the clown, over the years studied with different masters: Giorgio Formenti, Jean Mening, Philip Hottier, Loco Brusca, Fanny Girardau.

Study of the comic character with Rita Pelusio.

From 2011 to 2013 he attended and graduated from Philip Radice's Physical Theater Atelier (Turin), taking courses in: theater, acrobatics, diction, text study, voice, stage fighting, contemporary dance, tip-tap, dance theater , manipulation of objects, contemporary dance.

Self-taught juggler, since 2010 she has focused his research on the manipulation of hats.

In Barcelona she studied contemporary dance with Laura Vilar and attended the SwingCats school where she studied charlestoon, tip tap and body percussion.

Today she continues her education by studying tip-tap and accordion.

2019_Asfaltart_Nicholas_Rizziero_Gaia Ma.jpg



Titirimundi _ Zegobia (Spain)

Mini Art Fest _ Sofia (Bulgaria)

Fire de Tarrega _ Tarrega (Spain)

La Mantis teatrito _ Ezeiza (Buenos Aires)


Equilibi Festival _ Casalecchio di Reno (Italy)

Non Solo Clown _ Monza (Italy)

Fire de Tarrega _ Tarrega (Spain)


Zookünstler Festival _ Munster (Germany)

Somiabarrets Fest ArtsEscèniques _ Querol (Spain)

BaBa Rum _ Volano (Italy)

Plasterspektakel _ Linz (Austria)

Effetto Venezia _ Livorno (Italy)

FestInValtiberina _ Umbertide (Italy)

BarBacàn _ Verona (Italy)

32° Festa in Broccaindosso _ Bologna (Italy)

Clown & Clown _ Montesangiusto (Italy)

Faenza Buskers _ Faenza (Italy)


Ex-Melle Festival degli Artisti di Strada_ Genova (Italy)

Asfaltart _ Merano (Italy)

Stresa Buskers Festival _ Stresa (Italy)

StreetArtRiva _ Biella (Italy)

Buskers di Classe _ Lido di Classe (Italy)

Effetto Venezia _ Livorno (Italy)

La Notte Nera _ Livigno (Italy)

Notte Gialla _ Colle Val D'Elsa, Pisa (Italy)

Pisa Buskers Festival _ Pisa (Italy)

Bergamo Buskers _ Bergamo (Italy)

Faenza Buskers Festival _ Faenza (Italy)

Siam Festival _ Bangokok (Thailandia)



TechFest _ Bombay (India)

Mestre Carnival Street Show _ Mestre (Italy)

BuskerBus _Wroklav, Zielona Gora, Krotosnyk (Poland)

Predappio Buskers _ Predappio (Italy)

Tutti Matti per Colorno _ Colorno (Italy)

Milano Clown Festival _ Milano (Italy)


Open Street _Mantova (Italy)

Festival v ulìvic _ Ostrava (Cech Republic)

Urbana Lubjana _ Lubiana (Slovenia)

Festival Immaginaria _ Calazo di Cadore (Italy)

Rassegna Figuriamoci _(Duo Jenga)_  Fonsazo (Italy)

Compiano Buskers _ Borgo di Compiano  (Italy)

Carpenedolo Buskers _ (Italy)

Bliss Beat Festival _ Saddezio (Italy)

Dinamico in Collina _ Reggio Emilia_ (Italy)

Senza Fili, Pinocchio Street Festival _ Collodi (Italy)

Lathi Fringe _ Lathi (Finland)

Over Ball _ Civitella del Tronto (Italy)


Hut Festival _ Chemnitz (Germany)

Turda Internacional Thaeatre Fest _ Turda  (Romania)

Instabile Culture In Movimento _ Firenze (Italy)

Festa dei Colori _ Maron di Brugnera (Italy)

Fiera delle Ciarlatane _ Grizzana Moranfi (Italy)

Eco Fest _ Verona (Italy)

Plasterspektakel _ Linz (Austria)

Just For Fun _ Darmstadt _ (Germany)

Micro Festival _ Dortmound _ (Germany)

Ferrara Buskers Festival _ Ferrara (Italy)

Apolide Drops _ Rueglio (Italy)

Appennini in Circo_ Badi (Italy)

Stardust Festival _ Settimo Torinese (Italy)

Rubano Street Festival _ Rubano _(Italy)

Teatro Spritz _ Verona (Italy)

Teatro Improbabile_ Noale (Italy)

Sa Ruga _ Cagliari (Italy)


Keidagen _Lochem (Holland)

Kleinklusten Festival _ Usedom (Germany)

Attraversamenti Multipli _ Toffia (Italy)

Buskers Tour _ Josefow e Zary (Poland)

Jahninselfest _ Regensburg (Germany)

Street Music Festival _ Satu Mare (Rumania)

Apolide Festival _ Torino (Italy)

International Street Theater Festival _ Ludwigshafen am Rein (Germany)

Festival International des Artistes de rue _ Vevey (Switzerland)

H.C. Andersen Festival _ Odense (Denmark)

Nokiss _ Herzogenburg (Austria)

Pflastrerzauber _ Hildesheim (Germany)

Internacional Clown Festival _ Bangalore (India)

Festival de Teatro de Calle _ Santa Fe de Antioquia (Colombia)

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